Teachers have the hardest job in the world and generally we do not thank them in the way we should, that’s why we have a list of 16 unique & affordable gift ideas for teachers under $20 to give away now that they are about to finish school year!

Even better … you can personalize your gift with your name or by making a dedication from your child!!

Personalized Aluminum Teacher Signs

The best way to show your favorite teacher some much-needed appreciation is with these absolutely adorable signs… PLUS will make the classroom seem like a friendly place to be and will help children feel welcome, happy and ready to learn!! It’s a great gift if you’re looking for something original and extra special.

Personalized Teacher Glass Jars

Any teacher will treasure this special personalized gift! A fun gift idea for a special teacher for teacher appreciation or end of school year gift!!  Fill with candy, treats or messages from each of the kids in the classroom!  First line allows for 18 characters and second line 24 characters.

Teachers Classy Notepads

Your child’s teacher will enjoy writing notes to kids, parents, and colleagues on their very own personalized notepad!!  Get these super cute notepads and make a special teacher’s day!

Loving that Teacher Life Cute Tees A Great Gift

Loving that Teacher Life Tees! This gift is classic and you can not miss these beautiful tees with messages that will never forget him/her!!

Thank you teacher bracelet

Unique and profound gift of appreciation to the teacher or end of school year!! This bracelet is engraved with the message “It Takes a Big Heart to Teach Little Minds” … YES! Inspirational message is as lovely as the bracelet itself.

Pop Quiz Unique Wall Clock 

The most original way of tracking hours! With its white chalk on black chalkboard design, it’s a wonderful timepiece for teachers to keep on their walls at school or at home. The Pop Quiz Clock is also the perfect chronogrammatic companion for any math geek’s wall.

Apple Tissue Dispenser

Things-to-do Teacher’s Clips 

The best gift for a teacher! These clips will be of great help to have everything neat and organized + with super nice messages! These come as 2in clips with 6 per pack.

Personalized Classroom Rules 

Every teacher needs to have rules in her classroom, with this gift she will not have problems any more… plus, you can customize it as you decide!

Teacher Personalized Canvas Tote Bag

I don’t know a teacher who doesn’t take work home on occasion. This pretty personalized tote is a lovely way to carry important books and papers between school and home!!

Metallic Candle Pots  

Exclusively designed candle pots for your teacher with an inspirational scripture that will give extra meaning as a gift or home decor! 

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser 

Everyone uses essential oils these days. An essential oil diffuser is useful in the classroom or at home. Your child’s teacher can set the mood for the day by creating a calming or stimulating atmosphere with the touch of a button.

Pen Holder for Desk Globe Blue Pencil Stand Desk 

Multi-purpose Desk Holder, perfect for storing organizing desk widgets office essentials and stationary like pens, pencils,highlighters,scissors, paint brushes or used as paper weight

Teacher Mug 

A #1 Teacher Mug is a must have gift for every teacher’s desk. Remind your child’s teacher with each sip of his or her favorite hot beverage that he or she is the best!!

Teach, Love Inspire Necklace and Pendant

This pretty necklace and pendant is a great way to display their passion of teaching, PLUS is perfect for everyday wear in the classroon!!! Give this to your teacher that made an impact in your life

Personalized Teacher Coffee Coasters

A beautiful wooden coaster for your teachers tea or coffee!! Make sure to write an extended message on the back to motivate her everyday!