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How to coupon?

Yes it can be overwhelming when trying to coupon for your very first time, but don’t worry… here we will try to explain you step by step how this works…

First of all Couponing is buying items that are on sale…  And what this means?  This means you will be able to buy items at the right time (Lowest price). Get the lowest prices  when you STACK a sale item or promo with a coupon … we never have to pay full price again!

Remember always to set up a budget. Having control of your money and knowing where it goes will make you feel more secure and will make you know in what are you spending the most!

So, if you want to save some serious money at the grocery store, here are some easy steps to get you started.

How to start using coupons





Find Coupons

Believe or not finding coupons is the FIRST thing you want to get start with…  so here we will get you some clues where to find these treasures for our hunting sales!!

There are many options to get coupons… Sundays Newspapers, Printable Coupons, E-coupons… and believe or not much more…  Here are the types of coupons you want to look around…

Manufacturers coupons: These are the ones you’ll get on the Sunday Newspapers and are the most common type of coupons. Manufacturer coupons are coupons released by the manufacturer of the product and should be accepted at any store that accepts manufacturer coupons. (Peelies, blinkies, tearpads and coupons you get in the mail are also MFR coupons).

Manufacturer Coupon

Store coupon: A store coupon is a coupon that is issued by the store. Normally these coupons are just to use them at the store and you can always STACK a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon, YES! this means you can COMBINE both with a store SALE, and get FREE items too!!

Target Coupon

Some Stores that have their own coupons are

1. Target
2. Familly Dollar
3. Dollar General (digital)

Printable coupon: Printable coupons are easy to find on the internet… but remember you can only print TWO per device.

Manufacturer Coupon

You can find here some MFR Printable coupons 

1. Coupons.com
2. Redplum
3. Smartsource 
4. Hopster
5. P&G
6. Save in Store
7. Healthy Essentials
8. Box Tops of Education (savings on Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, and General Mills cereals)

E-coupons: They are carried on your loyalty cards, the ones you scan at the register to receive sale prices and promotions they have on the store. With the E-coupons you can add as many as you like. The good thing about the E-coupons is you don’t have to do anything but scan your card and they will automatically come off!!


Catalinas: A catalina (CAT ) are coupons handed to you by the cashier with your receipt and they are incentives to shop with the same store, not only catalinas can be coupons, they can also be cash!!! If you have a problem when printing a Catalina you can call  1-888-826-8766 or visit their website for assistance here


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When to Use Coupons

Probably you’ll think … How I will know how to use coupons? As simple as cycles… searching, clipping and using coupons is the first step when you save on your groceries, but knowing when to use your coupons is what makes the difference! 

The first thing to know about when to use your coupons is searching and waiting for SALES …  even if you think about how crazy is this… it is NOT! Wait until items go on sale is the secret to saving the most money on your groceries. NEVER pay full prices again and don’t waste your coupons!

Sales on products normally run in cycles… follow them! This cycles can be 8-12 weeks. Holidays and special events during the year are also cycles to follow… they can run into a good sale!! Pay special attention to sales during holidays ( Valentine’s day, Christmas, and more).

So now that you already wait for a good sale and follow cycles now you can buy at the lowest price… YES! As simple as that… Couponing is fun… but the REAL thing too is… that you’ll not have everything for FREE … (that would be nice though) .. the REAL thing is that you’ll be able to buy quality products… for less money! SWEET

When to use Coupons

For you to understand when to use coupons … I’ll show you an example.. The picture above marks a sale at Target .. A Tresemme Shampoo and Conditioner sale price $3.99 ea.. when you use a manufacturer coupon *save $5.00/2* and STACK this sale promotion they have with their store coupon of $2.00/2…  Let’s make numbers…

Buy 2 Tresemme Shampoo/Conditioner = $7.98
Use MFR coupon $5.00/2 = $2.98
Use Target coupon $2.00/2 = $0.98
Final Price $0.49 each

You see how much you can save money just for waiting the right sale price and STACKING offers!

Stock Up

Stocking up is my favorite part of all this process.. Who doesn’t like to have their own mini market at home? Yes!!! I DO! Stocking up on sale items is very important… Makes sense to stock up for items that won’t perish and you know you’ll use.

For example… I normally have a stock of cleaning products, dried pasta and cereal… These items you can often get good deals and always combine sales and coupons. You can even buy some produce by picking out items that are not ripe yet, this will give you days or weeks before to consume them… please check always expiration dates when stocking up.


You’re READY!

Now you can start saving at the grocery store with these easy steps… Remember always to check our match-ups to save more money!

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